Sunday, 8 November 2009

Two 4th November Birthdays

Toby was 1

Alex was also 1!

These were read out by Cerrie, and the card was shown after mister maker

Amelia 10th Aug 2009

We found Amelias card from back in August, for Mummy Natalie. Read out by alex, shown after show me show me at 10:25.


Natasha was 3 on the 28th may and we found her card for her Mummy Claire! The card was read out by Andy after koala brothers.


Esme was 1 on the 30th September, read out by Alex and Cerrie


We found Claire's card for her son Sam, who was 1 on the 16th October, read out by Alex and Cerrie


We helped out Jenny to find her card for Georgia, who was read out by Andy

Some cards we found!

Eliza, 4th November, Shown on Cbeebies after Mister Maker, read out by Alex and Cerrie

Daisy, whos birthday was 27th May 2009, for L G(3). Shown on Cbeebies, read out by Andy

Thursday, 5 November 2009

The birthday cards blog

Hi everybody.

This blog should be a starting point for people who have missed a recording of their card from the TV! For now, I am trying to help people out with cards shown on CBeebies, but will try to cover other shows as time goes on. I currently have an archive of CBeebies recordings that goes back to late December 2008, but will have the most success if I know what time your card was shown, who read it out, and which programmes were before and after it.

I do not charge anybody money for helping recover a recording, nor will I ever do so. I was so disappointed when I missed my own sons card being read out that I decided that I would help people out who fell foul of modern technology, where the sky+ failed, the tape got chewed, the video timer didn't work or it was just missed!

Everybody I help, I will put a pic up of the card if possible, and then contact directly to help out as much as I can :)

So, lets get the ball rolling, please use the comments on this post to ask for your card and provide as much information as possible!!