Thursday, 5 November 2009

The birthday cards blog

Hi everybody.

This blog should be a starting point for people who have missed a recording of their card from the TV! For now, I am trying to help people out with cards shown on CBeebies, but will try to cover other shows as time goes on. I currently have an archive of CBeebies recordings that goes back to late December 2008, but will have the most success if I know what time your card was shown, who read it out, and which programmes were before and after it.

I do not charge anybody money for helping recover a recording, nor will I ever do so. I was so disappointed when I missed my own sons card being read out that I decided that I would help people out who fell foul of modern technology, where the sky+ failed, the tape got chewed, the video timer didn't work or it was just missed!

Everybody I help, I will put a pic up of the card if possible, and then contact directly to help out as much as I can :)

So, lets get the ball rolling, please use the comments on this post to ask for your card and provide as much information as possible!!


  1. Hi Mike, I missed my daughters card which was shown on Monday 4th Jan at 7.30am after charlie & lola.
    It was the first card shown, read out by Andy it was a pink charlie & lola card for sophia who is 4 showing a picture of sophia and her baby brother isaac under a cake.
    I would be so happy if you had a copy of this recording. I cannot believe my recorder did not work.
    I hope you can help?

  2. HI, I know it's a long shot, but do you have any videos from 9th June 09? We watched one show and our daughter's card wasn't shown, but we didn't realise there was another show with different cards.

    We saw the 10:30ish, which seems to be the baby/toddler slot, so it's most likely ours wasn't shown anyway. It was for Bethany, aged 2, and this is a link to the card if that helps:

  3. Hi Mike, i was just wondering if you have a recording of my daughters card from 7th jan '10 as my recorder didn't work. I dont even know if it was shown, but her name is Elisha and she was 2. There was a picture of Charlie & Lola, Upsy Daisy, the numberjacks '2' and her photo was underneath a lift the flap of Stuffy from Show Me Show Me...
    If you know whether or not it was shown and if so could post a link i'd be eternally grateful! Many thanks, Shelley

  4. Hi Mike, my recorder failed to record my daughter Tianna's birthday card shown on the 13th january 2010 it was shown at 10:20 after mister maker and was read out by kerrie. The card was in the design of in the night garden and it was a couple away from the end. Ive been doing my head in trying to find it if you could post me a link i would be very greatful
    many thanks, tania x

  5. Hi Mike, just found you through facebook- i've been searching the internet for hours looking for cbeebies birthday cards on iplayer etc. Our video recorder failed us this morning when our son Finlays card was shown on cbeebies- a cable had fallen out the back so we recorded nothing. If you could find his card he would be so pleased(and so would i!) It was shown at 7.30am on 24.2.10, it had a pirate ship on the front. I hope you can help, Thanks Sam

  6. Hi Sam. Yes we 100% have that recorded. Your card looked very impressive! I will put up a screenshot pic on the blog later. I couldn't access your profile, so please contact me and let me know your email address.

  7. That's so great- how do i send my email without posting it on this page?

  8. Hi Mike,

    Help, we missed our sons birthday card today (18th March 2010) on cbeebies. It was read out on the 12.15pm slot by carrie and alex. The show before was Guess with Jess and the show after was Wibbly the Pig. His was the first card shown - Haashim is 2. The card was blue with a backdrop of the show Big Cook Little Cook. Do u have the picture or recording... anything?.. Many Thanks.

  9. Help i missed my daughter Jasmine's card on 13th February 2010 she is 3 and it was a waybalou card and on bbc 2 at silly oclock about 6ish/7ish then not on cbeebies I dont think. she was in one of the piplings pods. Andy read it out.

  10. Hi

    I missed my son's birthday card yesterday, 14th August. I'm not sure which slot it was read out on his name is Jacob and he is two. If you could help that would be great!

    Many thanks

  11. Please HELP!!
    Do you have clips from Sunday 5th September 2010 looking for clip with Evie age 2.

  12. Hi

    I missed this mornings!!!! :((( turns out we thought it'd be later on in the day at it was shown at 7:30. Grandparents saw it but nit my very disappointed daughter. Can you help?

  13. Hi,

    My friends card might have been shown today (9th November '10) at the 4 o'clock showing, it was the only slot I missed and I promised to record them all!

    His name is Calen, he is 1 year old and his card was blue with (I think) Iggle Piggle on it.


  14. Hi - I hope you can help

    we've just lost a recording of our son Noah's 2nd birthday (20/12/2008) which was read out by Chris on CBeebies due to a crummy DVD-R (grrr!).

    If you have a copy I'd be very grateful - the card was a tombliboo card from "In the night garden".

    Many thanks!

  15. Hi, I missed my daughter's card being read out yesterday on 11.04.11 and cannot download a copy from iplayer. Is there any way you could get a copy that I could save and keep somehow? The card was shown by Cerrie Burnell in the afternoon, not sure what time but the 2 morning slots were presented by men. The card was blue with my daughter's name Arianna across the top with clouds, waybuloo characters and a purple balloon with the number 2 on it. It would be wonderful if I could somehow get a copy of this! thanks. Kerry

  16. Hello Mike, I wondered if you were able to find out if my son's birthday card was shown on 17th september 2009. He was 1 and he had a louie card. I dont know if it was shown as we missed a few time slots through out the day, but i would love to know if it was.
    Many Thanks Chloe x
    My e-mail address is x

  17. Hi my daughters card was shown on 27th September 2008, it was an iggle piggle style card and was read out by kerrie, my email address is thanks

  18. Is this blog still working? Do you have recordings from today?